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CEV Launch Vehicle

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. personnel provided support to Sverdrup Technology and Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in performing a 6-DOF controllability analysis of an in-line Crew Experiment Vehicle (CEV) Launch Vehicle concept. The launch vehicle consisted of a 4-segment RSRM for first stage and a bi-propellant single engine on second stage. Dynamic Concepts, Inc. performed the following tasks:

  • Flex Body Bending Mode Analysis
  • Launch Vehicle 6-DOF Modeling
  • POST Trajectory Matching
  • Open Loop and Closed Loop Guidance
  • SRB Actuator Modeling (Freq Domain)
  • Attitude Control System Design with Gain Scheduling
  • Flex Body Filtering Design
  • 6-DOF Controllability Analysis using KSC 336 Winds

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