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Guidance, Navigation & Control Support for SLS Launch Vehicles

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. provides direct support to MSFCís EV40 Flight Mechanics & Analysis Division for the design, development, analysis, verification, and validation of the GN&C system for NASAís Space Launch System (SLS).  DCIís modeling, simulation, and analysis efforts for the SLS GN&C system include:  pre-launch gyrocompassing, trajectory integration, liftoff dynamics, ascent navigation system, ascent flight control system, flexible body effects, rigid body ascent load indicators, separation dynamics, failure & abort scenarios, time domain Monte Carlo analysis, senor/effector/stacking alignments, day-of-launch wind biasing, etc.  The ascent flight control system design includes the Disturbance Compensation Algorithm (DCA) and the Adaptive Augmenting Control (AAC) capabilities.  Further details of DCIís support of SLS GN&C are provided in the links below.

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