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Abort/Failure Analysis

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. personnel support SLS Flight Mechanics (part of MSFC’s EV40 Flight Mechanics & Analysis Division) in the area of abort and failure analyses.  This support involves designing the GN&C abort trigger envelopes, which when exceeded cause the SLS to abort mission. The trigger thresholds are set in order to save the crew in light of loss of vehicle control, but still allow the mission to continue for certain failures where abort is not necessary.  In addition, DCI personnel are responsible for modeling the different SLS failure modes included in cross-program analyses (thrust vector control (TVC) actuator failures, liquid engine out and stuck throttle, booster case breach, booster failure to separate, and booster failure to ignite).  The SLS abort and failure modeling is critical in determining mission success in light of failures and securing the successful saving of the crew for catastrophic failures.  Previous work in this area was performed for the Ares I launch vehicle.

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