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SLS GN&C Flight Software Model

Under a Model Based Design paradigm, Dynamic Concepts, Inc. supports the design, development, analysis, verification, and validation of the GN&C Model for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS).  The SLS GN&C Model is comprised of:

  1. Guidance, Navigation, and Control algorithms in the form of executable code
  2. Supporting software (e.g., driver for standalone execution)
  3. GN&C parameter loads (I-loads and K-loads)
  4. Input/output unit test data
  5. Supporting documentation (e.g., model/file descriptions, data dictionary, etc.)

The SLS GN&C Model is delivered for use in the development of SLS Flight Software and for use in simulation tools/labs that support independent verification and validation.  The following graphic depicts the development, delivery, and uses of the SLS GN&C Model.

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