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Dynamic Concepts, Inc. provides engineering and software services for both government and commercial applications. Our areas of expertise include:

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. personnel have experience in utilizing the following tools for engineering analysis, simulation, and software development.

Engineering Analysis and Simulation Tools

  • Matlab/Simulink
  • Real Time Workshop
  • MATRIXx Design and Development Tools
  • TREETOPS Flex Multi-Body Simulation Tool
  • DADS and ADAMS Multi-Body Codes
  • Marshall Aerospace VEhicle Representation In C (MAVERIC)
  • JSC's Trick Simulation Environment
  • AMRDEC's Common Simulation Framework (CSF)
  • Program to Optimize Simulated Trajectories (POST)
  • Alibre Designer Solid Modeling Mechanical CAD Tools
  • Solid Edge Mechanical CAD Tools
  • Blender Cross Platform Tool Suite for 3D Graphics
  • NASTRAN Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software
  • Patran Finite Element Analysis Software
  • FEMAP Modeler Software
  • Custom Simulation and Analysis Tools in C, C++ and FORTRAN

Software Development Tools

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Development Environment
  • Borland Builder C++ Development Environment
  • GNU C, C++ and FORTRAN Compilers
  • Intel FORTRAN Compilers for Windows and Linux
  • Borland JBuilder JAVA Development Environment
  • Micosoft Visual Basic (VB) Development Environment
  • wxWidgets Cross-Platform GUI Development Tools
  • DialogBlocks Cross-Platform wxWidgets Dialog Editor
  • QNX Development Tools
  • VXWorks/Tornado Embedded Software Development Tools
  • MySQL Open Source Database Tools
  • Borland Interbase Cross-Platform Embedded Database Tools

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