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Custom Software Applications

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. has developed numerous custom software applications for a myriad of purposes. Our fields of expertise include:

  • Hardware / Software Interfaces
  • Flight Software in VxWorks Environments
  • Embedded System Programming for MIL-STD-1553B Systems
  • Windows Programming
  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • C/C++, Java, Ada, FORTRAN, Visual Basic
  • Unix, Linux, Windows
  • Device Drivers and Data Acquisition Programming
  • Distributed Programming (CORBA, COM)
  • Network Programming (TCP/IP, UDP, Sockets, Serial)

Several computer generated movies created as part of various contracts may be downloaded from our animations page.


The graphic to the right shows the StrainView program, developed by Dynamic Concepts, operating in conjunction with FEMAP. StrainView recieves real time strain data of a test structure via a socket connection and projects that image on a finite element model.

Projects involving custom software include:

CLV Flight Software


A Collaborative Software Tool to Improve the Dynamic Testing Process

CXO Viewport

Data Warehouse

Neural Network Based Frequency Response Function (FRF) Screening Tool

Support Equipment Evolutionary Design System (SEEDS)


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